About Us


We are dedicated to moving at the speed of innovation. Our clients are leaders in their industries, and we strive to provide them with exceptional knowledge, talent, and resources to help them thrive in their industries and markets.  

As a trusted partner, the team at Northwest Partners merges the client vision with our deep expertise in technology and talent, helping us deliver powerful results. We are known for building and managing elite technology teams across diverse industries, including FinTech, insurance, healthcare, higher education, technology enablement, and more.  

How do we do this? By combining expertise in talent mobilization and technology consulting to help you get the highest ROI possible from your programs and projects. Our mission is to empower every talent and every client to achieve more, earn more, and do more. 


We partner with our clients to provide world-class talent mobilization and technology consulting services to drive powerful results and maximize ROI. 

Our clients are leaders in FinTech, insurance, healthcare, higher education, technology enablement, and more. We are experts in maximizing value in high-growth, high-impact industries.  

We are talent mobilization experts, with a deep network of exceptional candidates and companies looking to find their next game-changing leader.  

Northwest Partners is dedicated to environmental sustainability. We are committed to becoming a carbon-neutral company, and to helping our clients to do the same.


At Northwest Partners, we are committed to environmental sustainability. We believe that Mother Earth is our home, and that it’s our responsibility to help protect it. To do that, Northwest Partners has committed to becoming a carbon neutral company by 2024, and actively works with and encourages our clients, partners, and employees to do the same. This initiative includes purchasing policies to support sustainability, migrating our own operations and facilitating our clients’ migration to the cloud, offering work from home options for all staff, and providing credits toward qualified electric vehicles.  

Learn more about our sustainability commitment.


At Northwest Partners, we support our team members in achieving their unique potential: both personally and professionally. We give your team stretching and rewarding experiences that keep them motivated and always learning. This is an atmosphere of integrity and commitment to helping some of the world’s most successful companies. And while we encourage our team to take personal responsibility for their careers, we support them with professional development, coaching and mentorship. Each employee’s personal point of view, energy, and enthusiasm is what makes the difference. We actively encourage our team to devote time and energy to what matters most to them, both professionally and in their personal lives.